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Sean Ryan

Apple will never approve porn for the app store, but as the iPhone/iPad and other non-Apple browsers start to support HTML 5 as well as Flash, it will drive the big adult video sites (and all other sites) to create versions which will work with Apple's devices. It's not necessarily a win for anyone because it just increases the costs for everyone, but it seems inevitable at this point.

Sean Ryan

There are some great things about the iPad, but unless you must have the latest and greatest gadgets, I'd wait until xmas


ESPN works just fine. The BBC works just fine. YouTube works just fine. Netflix works. works.
It is a matter of time. And the "flaw" in no Flash won't matter over time. Who wants ads anyways?
Name video that is critical to you that you are being denied now?
Where's the love? Glossed over to nitpick video. The iPad is one of the best devices in the past 10 years.

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