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Unreal......Yes... is the SEC watching this?
And to think that I even got sucked into investing in this.
I smell jailtime coming for these folks.

Uncle Hi!

I made $500 on this scam..first one takes a spngEbath, the they getfugged!


I guess the word "truth" has NO bearing in your world....does it?

Must be nice to ignore the facts (like MSPC has its license revoked - pssst...its another firm with similar name that had its license pulled). And the company replaced the auditors with Marcum (one of the largest and most respected firms in the world)..

Facts....inconvenient as they are, are necessary..

See the Big Picture

I guess I am still working to understand your article...

Are you trying to say Getfugu is dysfunctional because they upgraded management, auditors, improved their product by acquiring technology and backed out of a financial transaction with a company who was the subject of a SEC investigation (Spongetech)?

Its called "good management" where I come from....I thought the point was to grow companies. This one will change another million times in the next year.

They call that GROWTH


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....thanks for this article. Was extremely amusing..

Can you write another??

By the way, I just downloaded the Getfugu app from the Blackberry App World..worked GREAT. I held it up to your webpage and it brought up the Wiki entry for "idiot"...

Keep up the GOOD work!!

Sean Ryan

To both Hank and Big Picture, all I'm doing is reading SEC documents posted by the company and press releases done by the company. Given the 95% drop in stock price, always late financials, and restated financials, investors can make their own decisions.

Karma Police

Let's talk "facts" and get to the bottom of what you term "idiocy," smart people.

Carl Freer's Behavior:

Rico Filing Against Freer and GetFugu:

GetFugu comes to investment agreement with SpongeTech, accepting major funding:

GetFugu miserable working conditions and unpaid wages:

These guys are running wild with sub-par technology, and like bulls in a china shop, are playing corporate games with no integrity.

If you're on payroll with GF, then your blind defense is understood, but not justified, and if you're the one sinking your cash in, then just remember that you owe it to yourself to do your due diligence, and YOU are the idiot if you don't do the research.

Ryan is dead-on in his assessment, and could probably rock several more articles with just public information that is easily found.

Karma Police

Oh, and by the way, when a company reports major losses and NO profits for months on end and the stock drops SIGNIFICANTLY and consistently, then that usually means that a company isn't being very well managed. Check the "facts" on that.


google 'mikeal ljungman' and use google translate to read about carl's ex-partner. M.J. might go to jail for fraud

renaissance costume

hmmm... sad.. this is just no true..

Karma Police

What is sad, renaissance costume, is that you will bother to post that something isn't true when the facts are completely laid-out, and you won't bother to support your argument with any kind of real evidence. The real sad thing is that people will hide under the shell of a corporation and think that it makes them legitimate businessmen.


renaissance costume: It is true. M.J. is on trail for fraud:
use google translate to read.

renaissance costume: Are you Carl? or someone paid by Carl?


There is no longer a link to download this for BB. I find their website vague. Also read about the company in JobVent and sounds really shady.

The guy

GetFugu will fold soon and start up as a different company [again], might be in China. They've already done this in London, New York, and Atlanta. As of March, 2010, employees are more than a month behind pay and EVERY contractor that ever worked there is STILL owed money. I can't believe that they continue to operate and scam.

e murer

Just another penny stock scam,
just like the other thousands
of penny stock scams that occur, that the SEC,for decades, has just simply
and conviently looked the other way, and fails to regulate over the counter stocks, I bought it at 10cents
a share, today 3-19-10,its 4cents a share, granted I was a fool to believe all the those trumped up press
releases, the whole getfugu
executive mgmt. team, should
be prosecuted for fraud, and
sent to prison--forever!

The guy

The news on these scammers is becoming public and official:

you MUST see this article

The guy

The Article mentioned above at the Copenhagen post was taken down, someone at GetFugu or the FBI shut it down. I PDF'd a copy and posted it here for viewing:

It's an official article showing the scam, money and FBI involved with Carl Freer / GetFugu

Fed Up

REALLY NICE GUYS. Apparently, the majority of people who have ever worked for them found it to be a miserable experience. How a company can continue operating while leaving others hanging out to dry is beyond me:


Federal Court Throws Out Frivolous RICO Claims Against Getfugu

Fed Up 2

Having read through the court order, turns out there was no basis for charges to ever have been filed.

So if so much that is on this page was created in effort to smear Freer and GetFugu, can't all of it be considered fraudulant as well?

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