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Great post Sean. Our take on the whole thing is here if you are interested:

Great insights, Sean. Thanks for being the voice of reason.

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Great post. Thanks for sharing this.

Looking forward to read more from you.

Tom Foremski

Much ado about very little. Are you serious? This is affecting huge amounts of revenues for many companies.

Sean Ryan

To Tom's point, just do the math before running around with your head cut off. If offers are 30% of revenue (on high side), and you have to pull down the 20% "bad" offers, AND you can't replace that revenue (unlikely), it's 6% of revenue. bad, but not end of world. However, looking at the changes to the viral FB channel last week, that is BAD....


Great post. A few years ago, a lot of direct response companies used the offer page or email or co-reg for lead gen - redirecting traffic to get credit card or some identifiable info to be monetized later. Virtual currency distribution is same wine in a different bottle, I guess! With one notable exception -- gambling. Online gambling is discouraged because you buy into potential future winnings and more and more. Previous campaign strategies that I allude to did not. Virtual currency to some extent falls in the grey area - gambling and the old offer bait page. Thus one must wonder -- what appropriate legislation should guide the future evolution of this industry.

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Amazing post, thanks for this. Virtual currency has come a very long way, and I agree with what you've said. Thanks.


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