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Cool, I didn't know about Slacker. One of my best Internet radio experiences was Spinner, but then AOL bought it and ruined it.

Dave H

Yep, I agree. It is very good. I did buy the cheap (3.99/mo or less than 50 a year) Radio Plus. That is worth it I think. You can really design stations that way with unlimited skipping. With a decent memory card (8gig) you can have 25 multi-artist stations. I also had Rhapsody and have since dropped it. Free or 3.99 is better than 14.99 a month. I basically don't listen to radio or buy CDs anymore.


I cant live with out my SLACKER RADIO ! the sound quality is supurb.caching is the best part (if you have a huge memory card)I listen to it at least 6- 8 hours a day,and always carry 1 battery in case the first dies(like i said i would die without )lifetime slacker user.

Randall W

Slacker has about 4 times more songs than Pandora. Pandora has 600,000 while Slacker has way over 2 million.


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