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Ted Howard

Could it just be that the only way the flight attendants were allowed to react to theft was to divert the flight? I know a couple of flight attendants, and it would not surprise me to learn that they are required by federal law to contact the FBI in the case of alcohol theft. In many cases, flight attendants are required by law to not use their own judgment.

If you talk to people who have made it out of Seattle or the Pacific Northwest in general this week, I think that you will find many fans of Southwest Airlines. It was shocking to many of us northwesterners that Alaska was not the savior during the recent snowstorms. But Southwest was there to save the day. I had a friend who called from Seatac asking me to check on Amtrak while he was figuring out how to get to San Francisco for interviews. Amtrak, Alaska, Greyhound, and almost every transport service was not running through Seattle. Except Southwest. I also know another set of grandparents flying to SF from Idaho who ended up on SWA.

Dave Stewart

My wife and I were on this flight, the person removed from the flight had a bandaged hand and was overheard telling other passengers he had an altercation in Las Vegas and was stabbed in the hand (The bandage was very unprofessional looking). I believe there was much more to this then wine.


9/11 jitters over wine bottles? Almost 15 years ago I was leaving Amarillo on SWA, 1st flight of the day. It was about 10 degrees and all the soda, juice & water for coffee/tea was frozen. The attendant told us this (there was only 10 people on the plane) and one guy asked if he could have a beer. She said yes so I then asked for a double bourbon on the rocks. No problem she said. All this at about 6:30 on a Sunday morning. THAT is the way service should be!

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