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Yes, mediocrity is getting elected governor, serving in the military and raising kids. These are not things that the best and the brightest do!

Achievement, on the other hand, is limited to attending an Ivy League school, writing multiple memoirs about yourself (the younger you start, the better), and accomplishing exactly nothing over 11 years in two offices.

Is there any wonder that the people keep voting for "mediocrity"?


You've seen the movie idiocracy? That's where we're headed. I expect Palin to announce that Brawndo's got what plants crave any day now.


Wow! Three posts about Palin - I think the Bay Area, Mercedes-benz liberals are scared to death. You go girl!


Sarah Palin belives that climate change has nothing to do with human activities. Even Bush now believes that humans have caused climate change.

It's a sad state of affairs when you manage to make George W Bush look like an informed progressive.

John Doe

She quit as Governor of a big national park, and GOP wants her to run for Prez?

Roy Duncan

Wake up fools. Al Gore has made 90 million dollars in the last 3 years from his global warming scam. That money is coming from you and me. If green house gas gas is causing global climate change where did the green house gas come from that caused the little ice age from the 1500's through the 1800's. What about the extinction of the dynasaurs. The progressives are taking advantage of your ignorance of history to take all you have. When obama says redistribution of wealth he doesn't mean from the rich to the poor. He's talking from all of us to the government. That is to say to him.

Roy Duncan

You idiots just don't realize how smart Palin is. Palin quit as governer to protect Alaska. Palin knows that you beat fools by letting them think they won. Now she is free to kick their asses and she is.

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