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Quoted for truth: "It's frankly just pathetic for the top country in the world to be putting forth a major party candidate with such religious zealot views - is it any wonder the US continues to fall behind the rest of the world in Science knowledge? "

It's not just pathetic, it's disgusting.


At least she won't get into office, and eliminate capital gains, among other tax increases. And then when all those happy Meez shareholders cash in - they'll be handing most of it over to Obama and gang... :)


At least three problems with this post:

One, its false. See, e.g.,

Two, the president has little control over education (an occasional state and mostly local issue) and therefore no control over school curricula. So who gives a shit what their views on creationism are? This only matters in gubernatorial and school board elections. Reagan believed in creationism and it never came up in 8 years in office. Same with Bush Jr. and probably Carter. Palin has done nothing to advance creationism in her 2 years in an office where she does have influence over school curricula, so why would she push creationism in a job where she has no influence over curricula?

Three, even if for some reason you do care, there are so many more issues where the president does have influence, that to base your vote on one where he doesn't is, well, absurd.

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