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Thanks for taking the time to look at MusicGiants again.

As you pointed out, our service is NOT right for everyone. Frankly, unlike iTunes, Napster, and Real/Rhapsody, we DON'T want everyone as a customer. Our customers are passionate about music and want to hear songs EXACTLY as the artist intended them to be heard--not at 1/6th quality like ALL of the other download stores.

You are correct that not everyone can hear the difference. We sell to those who can tell the difference. If you can’t hear the difference, you should shop at Wal*Mart’s online music store, it’s really cheap.

You are also correct that not all equipment is capable of rendering high quality sound. However, just like a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, etc. performs better when powered by Premium Unleaded, any good sound system will sound better playing music purchased from MusicGiants verses iTunes or Rhapsody.

As for your other points, we are constantly striving to better serve our core customer. Most of your comments center on traditional web store type experiences. Our core customer is NOT a traditional web store shopper. He or she buys from us through his/her custom electronics dealer/installer, and/or directly through our stores built into his/her Crestron, Imerge, Xperinet, Niveus, Inteset, or ADA media servers. We are putting most of our efforts into perfecting those experiences. That said, our IE store and our WMP 10 and WMP 11 stores are easy to use and that’s what our customer wants.

jan van mourik

Their privacy policy sounds really awful, more a NO-privacy policy. Makes me wonder what they are really after?
"If you have registered with us, we collect information about what music files you possess on the PC you use to sign up with our service and any other PC's networked to that PC. We also collect information regarding where you obtained that music. We may collect information concerning licenses to access music obtained from third party providers. We collect information concerning the bit rate of the encode of music files contained on your PC and/or any PC connected to that PC." See here:

Thanks but no thanks!

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