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Jason Kay

This appears to be the curse of Xerox at work again. Create a category, have its use become synonmous with your brand, lose momentum and then slide toward the abyss. Suing everyone didn't help Xerox and it probably won't help Tivo either.

Raghav Gupta

I'd buy them for their name/IP. Their brand is a verb with decent brand equity -- has to be worth a couple hundred mill on its own...


You don't think they might still be positioned to innovate? I get the sense that Tivo's leadership is still more in tune with the changing industry than the cable companies are...

Sean Ryan

It's definitely possible they could continue to innovate, but the rest of the industry has caught up or accelerated past them in most areas, and it's tough for them to keep ahead of the pack, esp when asking users to purchase yet another external box.

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