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Millen CeSoir

Ever used Davetv?

Sean Ryan

I'm downloading it now. It looks very Akimbo-like right now, which is a bad sign, but I'll check it out.


I don't advise the use of vongo.The service sucks. I had tech problems downloading it so I canceled after seven days .I made serveral emails and calls one of which was a cancel my subcription. Can you belive even though I never got to use the service after a week they would not refund my money.Most places let you have a trial period at least!My advice is don't wast your time on them.


Well, someone will get this right eventually... I wonder if it'll be an established player (Blockbuster, NetFlix, etc), or a startup.

What's DaveTV?


Vongo behaves like a virus. I was unhappy with the Vongo selection and then the application kept trying to check for updates every time I started the computer. There seemed to be no way to prevent this from happening. There also seemed to be no unistall option, so I stopped all Vongo related processes and deleted the Vongo directory. Now everytime I start up my computer, Vongo tries to reinstall itself. Ridiculous. I can't believe a service like this ignores basic software and user experience best practices. They better respond to my email request for help with better skill than evidenced by the writing of their website FAQs.


hey, if i only stumbled across your site earlier, i would have never signed up for this bogus vongo service. I'm waiting on the phone to cancel the service, Its about 1 hour after i've signed up. About the 20 minutes (so far) i've on hold trying to cancel this.


Looks like I will have to get a charge back, since there is no customer service there. It just keeps playing that stupid hold music. I been on hold for 4 and a half hours.

James Behrens

Boy this service sucks !!
No video control, bogs down the whole system with no way to stop. Starts up with computer with no way to disable, and no, I repeat no customer service. If you want to waste your money, this is a good way.


No one answers their I can not cancel. Tech problems galore, including no sound after downloading. I wish some started a class action against Starz/Vongo..I bet their is money to milk from their company.


I had no technical problems with Vongo. The content was a combination of old stuff, and pay-per-view for anything recent. They also raise a very high barrier to cancellation, rejecting any attempt to cancel except by phone, which leads to a 40+ minute wait on hold. Save your money and your time, don't do it.


1-702-852-7700, ask for Vongo customer service. The downside is you pay for the call, but I got through immediately, so it was worth it to me. With so many people having internet long distance, unlimited long distance on cell phones, etc. this may be the way to go.


Don't sign up. There are a couple good movies but its impossible to cancel.


We just cancelled vongo last night..I was on hold for over 30 minutes then when the guy found out I was cancelling all of a sudden he couldn't hear me. It was about 5 minutes of me saying hello then I would hear him say hello. My husband got on the other line and said as*&ole says hello - there was a giggle then all of a sudden they could hear me - what are they hopping for?? Do they think that people won't cancel if they think the phone cuts out?


I am glad I found this site, I was about to sign up with the service. Well if you guys cant find a way to uninstall, try using the orginal download, it will give you a repair or remove option. Worked for me. Good luck


Forget VONGO! The future in downloadable movies is at WWW.REELTIMETV.NET The site opens up Sept 12. Check out their demo and be amazed!


Vongo is like any video game or software's demo version: looks great on TV yet when you use it, it falls FAR short of expectation.

I installed it at 4:20 p.m. and I cancelled by subscription at 9:30 p.m. that same day.

Here're the problems I see:
1. Poor selection of movies
2. Unstable platform for the movie player (I couldn't fast forward and my movie crashed 1:05 minutes after I started)
3. Poorly trained customer service dept. They use an answering service, and even the rep that worked there are fed up with complaints from Vongo customers. The rep said, I can't believe they released this piece of crap without fully testing it.

In conclusion, Vongo is a model doomed for failure. I hate to the person running Vongo b/c if I'm the shareholder, I will make sure that his head would roll.


A much better service will be launching September 12th.

a crappy URL, but they have purchased and that will probably be up before launch.

DVD-quality content, will soon have device to wirelessly transmit to TV set, etc. etc. Working on big content deals and have some signed. Keep an eye on it should be much better than Vongo.


Was wondering what is the number to cancel vongo? Ki m


Glad i found these reviews, i was about to install vongo. Thanks guys.

Hank Chymann

I'm another Vongo victim. They don't really care a lot about having customers. Customer service is not existant. Difficulty downloading the software. Difficulty using it. It EXTREMELY difficult to remove the software from your computer. It burrows into hidden files. Don't go near it.

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