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I dont think that all the rebates that are denied by wirefly is a scam. Everybody complain about what went wrong but they dont say what was their mistake. If it was a scam inphonic would not have provided a toll free no and an address for the rebates center. Why cant people have some patience and wait for their money back? For all of them who complain about not getting their rebates, please tell me one company which does not have consumer complains? Its obvious that inphonic will honour our rebates after they get paid after 6 months of good standing. are they any charitable institution to provide free fones. After all they are also a business concern, aren't they? just a small suggestion... We all work for different business concerns, I think we all should call BBB and ask how many complaints are lodged against our business. Every business has their own policy and terms and conditions.


VEDIKA....What you said is CRAP! All of these people sent in their rebates ON TIME and CORRECTLY. If they are such a wonderful company, then why are there multiple lawsuits against their company? You obviously haven't dealt with them. And as far as waiting a six month period, it should have stated 6 MONTHS instead of 8-10 WEEKS!!! This is a breech of contract. So, please don't defend the company that is trying to screw people out of their money!

Agree with Camby

I called Inphonic and told them that since they had violated the agreement by not sending me the rebate check within the stipulated time, all other terms and conditions associated with the agreement automatically become null and void. This includes the one year service contract with the wireless service provider. Believe me, Inphonic, wirefly, cellphonerebates, are all scams. BTW, did you know that the phones that are sent by these web sites are not new, but refurbished. Nowhere on the site is the word new phone mentioned. Wonder why.


I have ordered a Nokia 6250 phone from wirefly with the contract of Cingular....the order was placed 15days ago...I am yet to receive my order. Customer service phonelines are found bsy continuously....This ppl are horrible.


Thank you so much for ur interest CAMBY and AGREE WITH CAMBY. But tell me one thing are ur rebates denied. Just to let u guys know, I have placed 18 orders with Wirefly and A1wireless. I have submitted all the requirements on time. These are the orders that are placed by me for my business. I have been dealing with Inphonic for the past 4 yrs. I understand that it takes a LOOOOOOOONG time to get processed. But I did get all of my rebates and I'm awaiting for 2 more rebates that I have submitted this year in feb which still shows processing. But I think I should deal with this patiently 'coz I'm getting a free fone at the end. I'm sure they WILL NOT eat up my money. I know my rights. But I am not greedy and I cant lose my patience for money at least. Whenever Inphonic promised something they did fulfill it. Might be a little late but I did get my rebates. When I had accepted the risk I would not lose my patience. Ofcourse even my carrier will not provide me a cell fone at the cost at which Wirefly provides. I understand the fact that Wirefly is just an infant in online cell fone marketing and it has a go a long way. So I think I can take the risk and I would continue taking the risk.


After several-month-long painful wait with continuously pushing Inphonic Customer Service, I finally got what they promised- $150. The whole experience is really unpleasant. I won't do business with this company anymore.
Remember, I submitted my rebate applications several time, because the customer service always claimed that my applications didn't exist.


Vedika, Did you receive my email on all the complaints? This is ridiculous!! There are over 3,000 complaints with this company regarding!!! A little more than average?! Also, the contract states 8-10 WEEKS to receive your rebate!! NOT 6 MONTHS!!!

Jon Delahay

Hello again, everyone:

I'd like to remind folks to try calling our new rebate hotline at 866-607-9877. It's been up and running for a few weeks now, and has become a valuable part of our customer service.

If, however, you'd prefer to e-mail me directly, that's also a great way to find info about your rebate. Contact me with your order number, and I'll be happy to personally look into your account, and find a concrete timetable for you.


Jon Delahay
InPhonic - Office of the President


I called the service number, it's a recording. I sent in 3 requests on the website. I faxed my paperwork in once to try to speed the process. I finally received my rebate a week ago after ordering my phone in January and sending in the paperwork on March 23. This took way too long and way too much effort. It may have been my complaint to the better business bureau ( that finally got me my rebate. I recommend filing a complaint.

I also talked to the Garcia law firm ( about their pending class action law suit against Inphonic. If you're really angry, I recommend you talk to them as well.

If I miss a payment on my credit card by 1 day I get jacked for $20 plus. Inphonic is late by at least 4 months on my rebate, I have no pity.


I am just doing what I think is fair for Inphonic, because I got my rebate, and pretty easily, without much fuss at all. Here's my story:

I purchased 2 phones from Wirefly in November, 2005, only to find, after the purchase, all these negative reviews online about them. I was undeniably scared that I was going to be out $430 in rebates. There was nothing I could do, so I decided to just eat the cost if the rebates didn't come. I set alarms on my calendars, and kept my eye on the dates to mail off the rebates. One thing I didn't find in the online reviews was an instance where someone actually got their rebate.

The 6-month mark came, and I documented everything I needed to document, and sent off the rebates certified mail. I also documented the dates I sent things off and the messages posted online at After 8 or 9 weeks, I checked again, only to find the "still processing" message online. I called the number posted above (office of the president), and actually got a person on the phone the second time I called. After a 2 minute conversation, she assured me she found my rebate and had begun processing it. She said I should get my rebate in 5 to 10 business days. After the call, I checked online at and the status had changed! It said it was processed! After 5 days, I checked online, and they had mailed the check! 5 days later, the checks had arrived. 3 days after that, the money had arrived in my bank account. I was skeptical all the way, but wirefly did what they said they were going to do.


Stay Away at all cost! I ordered two Razr phones and renewed my family share plan through Wirefly. After waiting for the phones to ship (which never happened), I contacted Wirelfy and was told the Blue Razr's were out of stock and asked if I would like to receive the silver instead. I said sure and though that was that. I then received an email saying the order for my two Bluetooth headsets had been cancelled. When I contacted Wirefly, they informed me that as the accessories were included with the original phones, they were cancelled and I would have to reorder. I though not big deal, I will just reorder, but then I was informed that as the price at the time of my order change was $29.95 I would have to pay this amount for each phone. I was amazed to find that because of their lack of stock I was being charged for phones, which were originally free. I asked for a supervisor and after around 20 minutes of talking was assured, my account would be refunded. After not receiving the refund, I contacted Cingular who was kind enough to contact the vendor on my behalf. Once again, Cingular was assured the charges would be refunded to my account. Again, no refund was received and as a result, I contacted Cingular who in turn contacted the vendor. The Cingular rep and I were told the refund would not be given unless I returned the phones. The Cingular rep was amazed to find Wirefly was charging an $18.00 processing fee, as Cingular charges this same fee. When I originally saw the charge, I assumed it was the charge for upgrade from Cingular, but it turns out Wirefly charges their own fee. Again, Cingular was amazed by this and recommended I return the phones and not continue to do business with this company. I cannot express how strongly I would encourage customers not to order anything from Wirefly. The Cingular Rep and I received false information form 3 employees of the organization. Stay Away at all cost."

Chris P

For those, like me, who have not gotten their rebates after following the rules: Here's a bit of news:

DC’s AG Sues Popular Wireless Marketer

Washington, DC - Attorney General Robert J. Spagnoletti announced today that the District has filed a consumer protection lawsuit against InPhonic, Inc., ("InPhonic") -- a DC based business that sells wireless phones and plans to consumers across the country. The District alleges that InPhonic fails to clearly disclose how difficult it is for consumers to meet its rebate conditions and that many consumers are unable to obtain promised savings.

see full text at:,a...v_GID,1521.asp

I also advise you to write and complain to Inphonic (aka firefly) Their stock symbol is INPC. Also, go to Yahoo finance and place messages on the bulleting boards. This company has fooled a lot of people. Time to reap what they sow.

Power to the consumer.


Over six months ago I mailed forms for 2 rebates for $125 each on a cell phone purchased from They approved one of the rebates and said the other one was not mailed by the deadline and that the phone bill sent with it did not fall in the correct time period. Both forms had exactly the same deadlines, required the same phone bill date range and were mailed at the same time....I emailed them scanned images of their rebate forms and asked them to review them. They've been reviewing my claim for almost 3 months now. I still have not yet received a check for the rebate that was approved nearly 3 months ago...


I chased the INPHONIC people for nearly a year to get my rebate - tons of phonecalls, emails and all I ever got was more delay tactics. Finally, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau three weeks ago. Suprise! My rebate check showed up via FedEx express! It's amazing how quickly InPhonic can get that check out if they really want to. All in all, it took about 2 weeks since filing the bbb report and receiving my rebate check. Before that, I had tried to gert that check for nearly a year, all I ever got was the runaround and was just about to give up on ever seeing that check when I stumbled upon the bbb website. I encourage all of you who are due your rebates from InPhonic, wirefly, liberty wireless et al to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You can do this easily online for free at the following link: I filed 2 complaints - one against Inphonic for the rebate and another against the company I bought my phone from (Liberty Wireless). It is very easy to do - when you get to the second page that says TELL US ABOUT YOUR COMPLAINT choose the BUSINESS COMPLAINT option and when it asks for the name of the business type in InPhonic and it will display the rebate centers we have all been dealing with in vain. It is very self-explanatory from that point. Also, after finishing the BUSINESS COMPLAINT I went back and filed a second report using the CELL PHONE company complaint option. Even though it says cell phone SERVICE you can use that option to report InPhonic (their name shows up on a long list on the next webpage - including wirefly etc. and just about any other cell phone company you can think of - this rebate thing seems to be a widespread problem) ). Hope this can help some of you to get your rebates. I couldn't believe it when that Fed Ex delivery came and I saw the sender was InPhonic! Don't give up!


I was prompted to write this review after reading the recent negative reviews for wirefly. I ordered two Moto Razrs with a family plan from T-Mobile. I had existing numbers to port. I decided to call in the order as opposed to submitting online so I could speak to someone and express my concern after reading some negative reviews. I told the wirefly rep that lately their reviews had not been so positive. He was surprised, but I didn't expect anything less. I placed my order on Sunday night, August 20, and used their FedEx second day shipping. The rep clearly told me I would receive my order in 5-7 business days. I received the phones on Thursday, August 24, even sooner than the rep indicated. Understand that a credit check needs to be done, the order has to be processed and the numbers have to ported to the new service provider. When I received the phones, on the packing slip it clearly indicated that service would be activated in 48 hours, which would be August 26. It all rolled out that way and it went smoothly. I even called T-Mobile to get status and they confirmed that service would be activated on the 26th. As for rebates, these Moto Razrs were being offered free with T-Mobile service. I only had to pay $9.99 for shipping of the second phone and $1 for the credit check. On top of the free phones, T-Mobile was offering $50 rebate with the purchase of EACH phone. Yes, I will receive $100 in 6-8 weeks. The rebate is submitted directly to T-Mobile and must be done so by September 30. This is not a rebate offer from wirefly nor do I have to submit to or through wirefly. Overall, I would recommend wirefly. I had a positive experience with both wirefly and T-Mobile. I would suggest to anyone considering using wirefly to place your order by phone so you can ask questions, but before that, do all your research on their website, read wirefly's term and conditions and the terms and conditions of the cell phone provider's offer. I would also recommend that you seek out TRUE free phones, not free after mail-in-rebates offered from wirefly because this is where the company may falter. All the reviews I read concerning rebates to be received from wirefly sound like a nightmare. You have to wait 181 days after your service has been turned on to even submit the rebate. If you are looking for a good deal and want free phones up front, I strongly recommend wirefly. The fact that I will get $50 rebates from T-Mobile after already having received free Razrs is an added bonus to the already smooth, prompt service I experienced. Good luck to all!

. raulito

wow! i am blown away by all of this...yet again, i sort of expected to read plenty of bad reviews about inphonic/wirefly.

i too have had a horrible experience, but i should've listened to mom's advice - 'when it is too good to be true...' - well, you know the rest of how that goes.

i ordered from wirefly august 2005. waited 6 months to send my rebate of $200. all completed to perfection in it's due time. i received an email stating that it would take another 8-10 weeks to process (which i thought was ridiculous)... and waited, and waited, and waited...still am waiting.
i've made several phone calls emails. inphonic states the $200 are mine, but what is the hold up?
20 days ago they said it would take 5-10 days for the check to mail out. i had to call once again, and after waiting on the phone for 40 minutes for a manager, i was told 'she was too busy and that they were closing but that i would get a call from the manager tomorrow'. also the rep from inphonic (laurie) stated that they were basicaly told to lie to us about the 5-10 days wait time for the checks to be mailed out and that now they were told to say they don't know how long more it will take for us to receive our checks.

this company is all bullshit...i will follow kimberly's advice and make a few complaints with the better business bureau. hopefully this qwill be the end of it. and if there is a lawsuit around, please contact me as i am interested in being part of that lawsuit.


Below is the email I send to the InPhonic, their auditors, Cingular, Staples (InPhonic latest business partner), on 08/14/06

InPhonic called me with in a few days.
I received my check in the mail on 08/26/06.

I received a second phone call with in a week. This time it was from Cingular wireless customer care rep. She confirmed that Cingular has received many complaints about InPhonic. She asked me to follow up with her and let her know if I have received my rebate. She was so concerned that even offered for Cingular to give me a $150 credit if InPhonic doesn't mail the rebate.

I suggest you send similar emails to all recipients listed below.


Filing a complaint with NASD / SEC - InPhonic, Inc.

Dear Sirs:

Pls note that I will be filing a complaint with NASD / SEC to investigate InPhonic, Inc.practices in processing Customer Rebates and reporting Rebate Revenue / Commission on your financial statements - i.e. your Revenue Recognition policy stated on your most recent 10-Q:
"Our wireless revenue is reduced for estimated deactivations of customers prior to the expiration of a time period that ranges 120 to 180 days from the date of activation, depending on the wireless carrier. We estimate deactivations based on historical experience, which we developed based on our experience with carriers, customer behavior and sources of customers, among other factors, allowing us to accrue estimates with what we believe is a high degree of certainty. If we determine that we cannot accurately predict future deactivation experience, we may be required to defer 100% of our carrier commissions revenue until the expiration of the appropriate chargeback period. Our reserves for deactivations are included in accounts receivable and deferred revenue on the accompanying balance sheets.
In addition to receiving commissions for each wireless subscriber activated, we earn performance bonuses from the wireless carriers based on negotiated performance targets. The most significant bonus we earn is the quarterly volume bonus, which we bill wireless carriers for on a monthly basis, based on current month activations. We record these bonuses as deferred revenue at the time of billing until we achieve the quarterly targets. We also earn other quarterly bonuses from certain carriers for maintaining low customer churn and signing up customers for certain additional monthly “features” such as text messaging or data service. Wireless carriers also periodically offer bonuses for achieving monthly volume and other performance targets. We recognize these monthly bonuses as earned in accordance with the provisions of Staff Accounting Bulletin (“SAB”) No. 104, Revenue Recognition in Financial Statements . Revenue is recognized only when all of the following criteria are met: (1) persuasive evidence of an arrangement exists, (2) delivery has occurred or services have been"

On 04/21/06 I received an email from, stating that my rebate was received and is currently being processed. Four months later and many unsuccessfully phone calls, I still have not received my rebate. On 07/07/06, a recording was posted at 866-800-4303 that due to recent problems all rebates have been re-processed.
I have filed a complaint with BBB Metropolitan Washington DC and Eastern Pennsylvania office - Complaint tracking number 0C213-204D8-834AD-581AA-26EA6-05B35-A3

D.C. Sues InPhonic Over Rebate Restrictions
By Annys Shin Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, June 9, 2006; Page D04

On June 8, the Attorney General for the District of Columbia informed InPhonic that it filed suit against the company because of certain advertised rebate offers.

There is evidence that the foregoing is a common practice of InPhonic, Inc. and a class action seems imminent -

Yahoo Finance - Message Boards: InPhonic, Inc. (INPC)

Cc: - the following have been Cc as follows as they maintain current business partnerships with InPhonic,Inc

* Outside Auditor Grant Thornton LLP

Grant Thornton Ed Nusbaum CEO
Grant Thornton Kara McFarland Manager, Public Relations

* (b/c I purchased the phone from, Inc Scott A. Blum Chairman, Inc Neel Grover CEO, Inc Roger Andelin CIO

* Cingular (b/c I purchased a Cingular Plan)

Cingular, Inc. Kathy Dowling VP Customer

* Staples (b/c they signed on 07/13/06 today announced that they have signed and launched a multi-year agreement with Staples, Inc. to be the exclusive provider of cellular products and services on )

Staples, Inc. Owen Davis Manager, Public Relations

(Phone Number)


Forget about geting a rebate. after several emails promising the rebate is being processed the rebate never being received. I will foward copy of the emails to the FTC, FCC, USPS, and the Florida Attorney General. This people are a bunch of crooks.


I purchased my cellphone in Jan 2006, after several reminders via emails, phones no action have been taken and I have still not received my $400 from wirefly...


I did receive my rebate.. but not until after I had fought very hard for them, and would never recommend InPhonic to anyone. I was simply answering the previous person's question...

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