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David Adams

Dually noted. We buy a LOT of mobile phones, and I can tell you I've had this same experience with more than a few carriers. T-Mobile flat out denied me the $100 rebate on a Nokia 6600. The only reason I purchased it was because the manager of the store ( a T-Mobile store, not a reseller) checked and assured me of the rebate. So I got two denials, but they got me for another year. I was finally able to get a $100 credit when I called a supervisor and asked to cancel my account.
I have had some many problems with rebates on electronics that I just don't even pay attention to them anymore; assuming that I am either going to get screwed, or that it will take them 6 months to send me the check.

Rebates are a scam. I'm just waiting for the problem to get big enough for the class action lawsuits to start.



I've recently started having some problems with rebates too and the lack of customer support or responsiveness from the company. I've wondering why consumer protection groups are not making a issue out of this. I'm sure I'm not the only one frustrated.


It's my understanding that third-party dealers like Wirefly are able to offer huge rebates because they make a commission off of every new customer they sign up... however, the carriers don't pay that commission until the new account has been in good standing for six months. And Wirefly can't pay out YOUR money until they get THEIR money.

I've been following these rebate issues for a while now, and that seems to be a key issue in terms of the frustrating time frames. As for me personally, I got my money without any issues.


Your experience sounds like a comedy of errors. I'm suprrised because I've always been a fan of theirs and I got my rebates too, though the rebates did take a LOOONG time. I used them to switch to Cingular about a year and a half ago. Got phones for me and my wife. Was very satisfied and had planned to use them again.

Sean Ryan

Yes, the rebates finally arrived today, Feb 28th, a mere 5-6 months after they were submitted.

Who shot JR?

Cool. I'd note that in the blog post itself though, not as a comment to yourself. LOL!


I'm not sure if this helps anyone, but a few months ago I found this site in a search: I'm not sure who they are affiliated with, but I ordered here (they have a cumbersome order process--bordering on ridiculous), but the long and short of it is that I got a check back ($50) without having to send in a lame rebate forms. They sent the check about 75 days after I activated.


Received a letter stating that my rebate submission was invalid for reasons that were fabricated such as I did not include the order Number was not written in the rebate form, wrong copies of paid Sprint bill etc. After submitting the corrections per their instructions, & submitting proof that their reasons for deeming my submission invalid, the invalid status has NOT changed. Multiple calls to the Rebate Customer Center only achieved unfulfilled promises to correct the unfounded "invalid status". I mailed my submission on 10/2005. To date
3/2006 no status change has been made. No rebate has been received. The 2005 Keystone Web Performance Award fpr Best Overall Customer Experience given to InPhonic is a big joke.


I've submitted 2 rebate claims to inphonic. Their website indicates that the rebates are being processed along with a lame excuse about their rebate center being re-located and requests being back logged. This is a very poor way to do business, and like you It will not happen to me again. Let the buyer beware.


Inphonic is a scam, BIG TIME.


My wife and I are also having problems with wirefly, we turned in the rebate forms way before the dead line and filled out both exactly the same. We received one rebate but got an email that are other form was incomplete. After many calls we finally got a hold of someone that told us to fill it out again and fax it in since there was only a couple of days left before it would be to late. Now we got another email that we didnt turn in the form by the dead line. Finally got a hold of some idiot that told us there was nothing they could do. WIREFLY IS A RIP OFF!!!!! Does anybody know of anywhere to put in a complaint besides wirefly or t-mobile.



I followed InPhonic Inc. every detailed instruction.
On there website it states they are going to send me instructions to correct the problem however of course the rebate dates have already passed.

We should not let them get away with this scam especially since there have been compliants from everywhere.
I am going to contact Motorola and the service provider. I am going to submit a compliant to the Texas Attorney General.
Please do the same.


It just goes to show support your local retailer and deal with a person. Then you at least have a person to hold accountable. If it seems too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true. Wirefly has been notoriously horrible, but keep sucking people in with these rebates they try not to offer. Stay away!!!!!!


Inphonics, Wirefly and Cingular got me to sign up. They are still holding $400.00 for the advertized REBATES. Now over 5 months past due. DO NOT order anything from WIREFLY and do not buy stock in Inphonics. I am very disappointed. My family and I still need of the rebate that was promised. I submitted correctly & properly they use excuses and noncompliance of the terms as a reason. This was not true. Please avoid these vendors. I hope Cingular reads this and learn of the underhanded dealings used by their business partners.


My rebates status as same as Geep. My rebates were received on 3/8/06. The web site and Inphonics's customer service indicated the rebates been approved and the check will be mailed out. I have not seen the check yet. Today, the has been changed, the information is different and my claim isn't found. All above complaints are true. The rebates deals are scam. I will fill out a complaint to Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bereau related to Wirefly, Inphonics and T-Mobile. T-Mobile should be responsible for all the act. We are the consumer who just want a phone and we don't want to play any game. Thanks for all listening.


Same situation as everyone else. Does anyone have the telephone number to contact inphonic or wirefly?


I have been waiting over a year for my rebate. Finally got a hold of what appears to be an intelligent person at Inphonics today. She is listed as the head of customer complaints on their website. Anyway, here is the contact information:

Hollie Kapos
ext. 137

She was very helpful and stated I should receive my check in 7 to 10 business days and that if I did not, to please call her back.

Hope this helps.

Jon Delahay

Hi, everyone:

We have a NEW, dedicated rebate hotline as of July 21. Our agents can assist you with your specific rebate submissions. Please call: (866) 607-9877


Jon Delahay


I bought my phone from I have a $250 rebate coming to me and I am so ANGRY! It has been over 5 months since I sent my rebate and I have not seen a dime!! This rebate stuff is crap and this is SUCH A BIG SCAM!!!! I will start a lawsuit against this company and I do not care if I lose a ton of money doing it!!!!


I'm yet another dissatisfied customer. Avoid Wirefly and Inphonic at all costs. It's not worth it. I've submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, I recommend everyone else do the same. No rebate 4 months and counting. They misspelled my name even though it's typed on mulitple forms. Convenient way to not pay for them.

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