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David Adams

Thanks for the laugh. I'd totally forgotten about; the absurdity highwater mark of the bubble 1.0. Should be an interesting year.

Sean Ryan

yes, it "wasn't just for grills, but was truly an outdoor cooking portal", thus justifying the incredibly large price for the URL when they bought it


Why negative on Flock?

I applaud their mission.

Not just because my boss incubated it. :P

The current web browser is holding back web developers.


Why so down on Flock?

Because they have no momentum and lots of negative user perception.

Mostly for the same people have a negative perception of other products that play too "fast and loose" with open source licensing and don't actively engage their public to give their public a proper understanding of the functionality and the roadmap.

If you lead people along for too long, they give up and leave and hate you. No matter how much you love yourself.


Perhaps a better way of putting it is that the cognoscenti of geekdom (upon whom Flock, like another project I know, is wholly and utterly dependent as their first demographic) are a step above the Lowest Common Denominator schlubs that drink up modern Marketing crap and burp out consumer confidence.

If flock announced their product later this year instead of earlier last year, they'd probably not have completely squandered their announcement momentum.

Unfortunately, many buttons-and-collar-wearing people in this world seem to still think that crying wolf as loudly and as early as possible is an effective means to gain traction with a whole community already a decade weary of noisy idiots spouting bullet points about vaporware.

Sean Ryan

I'm not so negative on Flock itself - it's just that it came out with such hype and then totally disappeared, kind of like Men Without Hats and "Safety Dance", thus the VH-1 comment.

I will say that I should probably be the target market for Flock, and to me, the initial release felt like a solution in search of problem, at least a problem which could have been addressed with 2 Firefox plug-ins rather than a new browser. Maybe it's gotten much better by now though.

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