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I had a similar experience with DirecTV in Los Angeles...after failing to show up four times, including once when the dispatcher told me "the installer is ringing your doorbell now" (when in reality I was standing on the street talking on my cell phone looking for him, I finally gave up in my quest to upgrade to HDTV until I got some unexpected help from a friend...if this is the average consumer experience no wonder everyone hates their cable company.


Wirefly always sucks in rebates, avoid using wirefly & inphonic...


I never used wirefly and never sis had a bad experience w/wirefly....wirefly sucks in everything.


I work for comcast an I can tell you what you did wrong. You asked for someone in authority. Never try to go over the person's head that you are speaking to. First of all, you insult them and you will most likely get hung up on. Second, the supervisors will only give you a 20.00 credit to get you off the phone and not try to fix your problem and third of all when you didn't wait the full four hours and couldn't be patient we probably cancelled your appointment hahahahahahahah!

Bill Jr

Can anyone do something about the ABSOLUTE HORRIBLE Comcast customer service for myself, a resident in Chicago IL ??
Comcast cable goes out every 3 weeks - like clockwork. This has been going on since January 2008. It is now early May 2008. I have called Comcast easily over a dozen times and what do I get: hung-up on - no-call, no-show techs - lied to by customer service about the day/time when the tech was "suppose" to arrive - techs, when they do show up, have absolutely no clue on what is the problem ( I guess they are told to just show up ) - tech not fixing the problem.

The few techs that did show up told me the following:
the problem is with the signal - the problem is not with the signal - the problem is outside - the problem is inside - the problem was fixed. A few days later, cable goes out.

A few techs told be to cancel the service - that this would get their attention to fix the problem.

A few times I was told that the tech would come out and replace both HD cable boxes. Techs show up empty-handed - no replacement cable boxes. Techs did not know what I was talking about when I asked where were the new boxes. Their reply was they were not sent to replace anything - and then asked me, once again, "what is the problem ??"
Again, tech shows up with no clue on the reason they were dispatched. It is as if for the past 5 months, I have been talking to an empty phone in an empty room.

Apparently I am left with no choice but to cancel service as the cable goes out at will with no fix and no cares/concerns from Comcast. None at all.

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