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Kit Kymla

ReelTimeTV stock (RLTR) closed Friday at 17 cents a share. I wonder what it will be after they launch on Sept 12th?


I've been using Vongo for 4 days now. Some observations:

1. As everyone has stated, the selection is simply not there yet. I'd have to guess that it's significantly better than when this service first came out -- I count a couple dozen movies I want to see right now -- but it isn't even CLOSE to netflix or blockbuster.

2. The video playback was initially jittery. I contacted customer service by email at 11:31am yesterday to see if they could help with the problem and received a response at 11:59am. A very detailed response at that, and one that DID solve my problem (has to do with my firewall as well as a DRM issue). Either I'm very lucky or email customer service has improved greatly. I haven't tried the phone number (because I don't intend to cancel yet) but here's hoping the phone support has improved as well.

3. I have had zero problems with installation, downloading or viewing (other than the fixable problem I just mentioned). Seems like the bugs in the interface have been worked out.

4. Downloads are very fast. I have a 6Mbps DSL line that gets 5.2Mbps in real-world usage. Vongo taps all the bandwidth, with download speeds stated to be 640kBps (or 5.12Mbps, just a hair under my max). People who complain about download times have to realize that movie files are large and they only go as fast as your internet pipe will allow. If you're getting downloads slower than your stated bandwidth, you probably need to contact your ISP or Vongo for a solution.

I'm fairly satisfied for now. $9.99 for unlimited downloads is a pretty good deal. I'm planning to go with it for a couple months, at least until I tap all the movies I want to see there.


Does anyone know where the movies files are stored on my pc? I don't like the idea of having files hidden from me.


kit: 2 cents?

WWW.REELTIMETV.NET sucks. worst movie selection ever. website looks like it was made by a middle school student from Russia.


Looks like HP is loading Vongo on all HP and Compaq laptops. I usually configure my systems with limited user accounts and an Admin account. I was able to uninstall Vongo from the Admin account and then started building user (limited) accounts. Even though Vongo wss removed it still tries to install on these accounts and will not finish properly.


if u want to cancel vongo call 1-877-VONGO21, long waiting times because their
to cheap to hire more people to take calls and their is a free trial


if u want to cancel vongo call 1-877-VONGO21, long waiting times because their
to cheap to hire more people to take calls and their is a free trial


movies files are stored in local disk/program files/vongo/data


They've apparently gotten better about cancelling accounts. Took me 2 minutes and 27 seconds.


I just called to cancel Vongo and got throught right away. The rep was very nice and got confirmation email in 3 minutes. I cancelled because movie was choppy.


Trojans and spam are being sent to a unique email address that I created exclusively for Vongo.

That email address has never been provided to anyone other than Vongo.

Either the Vongo database has been hacked or their company sold my email address to spammers who are engaged in fraudulent activity. Either way, I am very unhappy that they have put my system at risk.

Beware this service.


I believe Vongo is fraud. I subscribed to their service about 4 hours back. Firstly, they don't have any collection worth watching, then their crappy software, is in no way compatible with Windows Vista, or even XP Professional. It seems to me that they hired free software developers to develop their product.

I somewhat downloaded 2 movies, but couldn't watch any one of them, due to Windows security issues, and their unstable software.

If you've already seen their website, which is another pain in the neck, they don't have any sort of customer service. There's no way you could contact them before using the "Cancel service" option from their software. I still haven't been able to contact them, but if they charge me $10.85 for keeping the subscription for 4 hours (when I had one month free), I'll dispute that charge, and block that fraudulent company from posting any more charges in the future. I'd one free month of subscription, but I'm done with them in 4 hours. I wish I could gather a huge group of people who were affected by this company, and file a class action lawsuit.

Netflix and Blockbuster movie services are a lot better. I recommend you spend a few extra dollars, to use other services than get exploited by fraudulent Vongo.


So I really wish I had found this website before trying vongo. It came preinstalled with the compaq laptop I purchased. I decided to try it and found that most of their movies were old, or ones I could watch on HBO/Showtime On Demand. I was hoping for more of an independent film collection. I didn't even get to watch more than a minute of the one movie I attempted to download (I attempted to play it while it was still downloading which vongo says that you can) because once it finished downloading it said I needed a valid license to view it. I went to the ask Vongo site and followed the instructions for getting the "license" but to no avail. This sucked, even with the 14 free trial that I used for 2 days, I still had to pay $2.99 for the movie I didn't even get to watch. Now I have to figure out a way to get it off my pc, which everyone is saying will be near impossible.

Doug Moore

This is a great service. The content isn't always the latest but this is a Great Service. Have tried to download movie with GUBA it takes forever and the same with AOL. Vongo is fast and you can watch the movie minutes after it starts. This service is incredible. We don't subscribe to Cable. WE use Vongo and watch our favorite shows on ABC streams, CBS streams and NBC streams. Vongo is worth it and the software is improving. Don't listen to the negative comments here.

Another Unhappy Vongo Customer

DON'T BELIEVE THE VONGO HYPE. They will charge even though the service is FREE for 14 days! I cancelled in 3 hours! The selection is simply not there... They tout movies like "Gone in 60 Seconds" or Enemy of the state as PPV movies that you pay an extra $4 for!!! These movies are from 2000 era and before, yet this is as new of a movie that they offer and they charge an additional charge on top of the traditional fee. The download times don't take 30 seconds on a high speed as claimed more like 1 hour per movie with issues on download. I would advise this site only to those who like movies 1995 PRE and don't have a walmart close by that they can pick these moveies up for a $1.99 each. I can download better movies at ANY P2P network. Hollywood seriously??? Is this the best answer you have to piracy concers?


Warning! You will NOT be able to completely uninstall Vongo once loaded! It will sit there trying to initialize over and over and over everytime you start up's rediculous. Who ever wrote this software should be beaten and shot.

Yet  another unsatisfied customer

I recently decided to try VONGO. I signed up with the free 14 day trial, and tried to begin downloading movies. After a myriad of problems with the software, and many a call to customer service, I finally got the first movie to start downloading. VONGO's speed test said my connection was around 800 kbps, but the download speed never topped 120. After about 45 minutes of waiting, it said I could start watching. Hardly the ‘watch now’ advertised, or even the ‘begin watching in about 10 minutes’ that it says on their site. The movie quality was decent, but the player interface was hard to use, and lacking in features. There was a play, pause, fast forward/rewind, and a previous/next button. There were no options such as subtitles, color adjustment, etc. The selection of movies was very poor, and there were few new movies. On the one of the 14th day, I cancelled my membership, and looked at my billing history. I found out that I had been billed on the day I signed up. I called customer service, and talked with a rep for around half an hour. He repeatedly cited the 15 page license agreement, and said that my 14 days expired at exactly 336 hours after I had signed up, and not on the end of the 14th day. Finally, he told me that he had no power to give me a refund, but that he would send me to an automated system that I could leave a message on, and someone would contact me by phone or email in the next 72 hours.

At $10.71, it’s cheap as lessons go, but I’d advise anyone considering trying VONGO to try something else. Wish I had seen this article first.


I just signed up blindly, then 10 minutes later canceled. I didn't even find one single movie I wanted to download. I had to cancel on the phone, which wasn't too bad. I just hope I don't get charged.

big bro

my sister works for vongo and i’m planning to follow her. i believe i’ll be part of the marketing and development team. comments and suggestions are welcome. i will also try to answer most of your inquiries, as all of our computers have vongo system access.

big bro

my sister works for vongo and i’m planning to follow her. i believe i’ll be part of the marketing and development team. comments and suggestions are welcome. i will also try to answer most of your inquiries, as all of our computers have vongo system access.

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